Personal Training

Home of the original “Rope & Hammer” and “Super Set” training!!! Your fitness training involves a variety of techniques from a certified fitness trainer, sports nutritionist and Master of Science graduate in Exercise Physiology. Based on proper form and technique, we blast every muscle group with high impact training and blend a unique mix of workouts. This will be topped off with a complementary nutrition plan. Your training is different, but guaranteed to see results! Your fitness training includes:

*”Super Set” Weight Training

*High/Mid/Low Impact Cardio

*Strength Training

*Kettle Bell Training

*TRX Training

*Rope & Hammer Training (Our Signature)*

*StairMaster Training

*Body Sculpting



*Beach Obstacle Course


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***ONLINE Personal Training With Lauren Taylor***

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GET MOTIVATED! Trying to get on that path to fitness but all roads lead to nowhere!? We can help guide you to that fitness promise land! Our friendly, highly motivated and well experienced team of Certified Personal Trainers, is ready and willing to help you create a brand new you! Whether it’s helping you shed off those holiday pounds, tone up for Spring Break or just to improve your overall fitness and quality of life, our Personal Trainers can create a unique fitness program designed exclusively for you! Check our online personal training program with certified trainer Lauren Taylor!

Personal training packages

*5 one to one sessions

*5 group high intensity classes

*Healthy eating plan

*Continuous support

*Fitness tests and health check

***All of this for an affordable price!!!****

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