B.A.M. High School Athletics

B.A.M. 1 B.A.M. 2

BEAST. ANIMAL. MONSTER (B.A.M.) is a sports specific high school off season athletic founded in 2008 by Onyx Fitness Training. The program helped produce colligiate and NFL players by focusing on three basic factors: size, instincts and strength. One hour of intense and unorthodox position specific workouts

BEAST SIZE: Designed to increase playing weight by increasing muscle mass using explosive techniques, and good form.

ANIMAL INSTINCT: Repetition is key. Using their on field position, we simulate each movement with resistance in order to improve their occupation as a student athlete on the field, court or mat, and to stimulate the mind in the classroom.

MONSTER STRENGTH: With great strength comes great domination. We aim to increase explosive power as well as endurance to sustain that power.